Epiphany 2022

We are in the season of the Church called Epiphany, a Greek word that means “to appear.” Salvation has appeared in the person of Jesus Christ. In Epiphany, the Church explores everything that Christ makes apparent about God. You see, we need God to appear to us and make himself known to us. For not only is God beyond our understanding, his works and his ways are contrary to mankind’s natural assumptions about him. In other words, the truth about God cannot possibly be discovered by us. Rather, it needs to be uncovered for us. That’s what the Spirit is doing for us during this season of Epiphany. Week after week, surprising truths about Jesus our King and life in his kingdom will be uncovered.

January 9: Uncovered: Vitality Hidden in Water

January 16: Uncovered: Delight Hidden in Shame

January 23: Uncovered: Fulfillment Hidden in Familiarity

January 30: Uncovered: Wisdom Hidden in an Ancient Book

February 6: Uncovered: Effective Messages Hidden in Ineffective Messengers

February 27: Uncovered: Glory Hidden in Suffering