Our Team

Many people come together to carry out the work we do at St. Peter’s. Some of them do so in an official capacity, and some do so in an unofficial capacity. Here are the people who with official positions on our team at St. Peter’s.

Pastor Aaron Jensen

Pastor Jensen has served at St. Peter’s since 2021, having previously served as a pastor in Michigan. Originally from Wisconsin, Pastor and his wife Carolyn have three sons.

Pastor Jensen holds a BA in Greek and Hebrew (Martin Luther College, 2011), an MDiv in pastoral ministry (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, 2015), an STM in New Testament (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, 2021), and is currently a PhD candidate in New Testament Greek (South African Theological Seminary).

“Pastor” means “shepherd,” so as pastor, Pastor Jensen’s role is to shepherd the congregation using God’s Word, such as by preaching, teaching, and counseling.

President Scott Christianson

Elder Rodney Kisner

Treasurer David Hayes

Financial Secretary Deb Stoffer

Education Steven Ordorff

Evangelism Paul Winkelman

Trustee Mitchell Hayes

Volunteer Coordinator Shirley Hayes

Sunday School Lucinda McCoy

Organists SueAnn Perreault and Judy Schmidt

Communications Team Chantelle Kiphuth and Arlene Scharpen

Visitations Team Sandy Block, Wayne Block, Deb Kisner, Rodney Kisner, Dianne Klein

Welcome Team Lori Christianson, Diane Hance, Kathy Kuyava, Jennifer Swendsen

Tech Team Shirley Hayes, Tiffany Hayes, Paul Winkelman