Lord, Increase Our Faith!

Fall 2022

Jesus tells us that faith even the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, because faith’s power doesn’t come from the faith itself—the power comes from the God that this faith is in. Even someone with the smallest amount of faith in Jesus will be saved. And yet we don’t want to have just a small amount of faith. We want Jesus to make our faith bigger and stronger every day. In this series, we look to Jesus to make our faith stronger by giving us a faith that is smart in the way it acts (Sept. 18), content with what we have (Sept. 25), thankful for what God gives (Oct. 2), searching for those who are lost (Oct. 9), bold in asking God for justice (Oct. 16), and ultimately, a faith that clings to God’s promises in a way that seems impossible (Oct. 23).

September 18: A Smart Faith

September 25: A Content Faith

October 2: A Thankful Faith

October 9: A Searching Faith

October 16: A Bold Faith

October 23: An Impossible Faith