Joining Jesus

Winter 2024

Would you like to get to know Jesus? During the season of Epiphany, we are going to join Jesus and follow him through the Gospel of Mark. We’ll see Jesus calling people like us to join him, ordinary people, working class individuals, even skeptics. Joining Jesus draws us into discipleship. Watch as Jesus reveals himself to be true God and true man as he unleashes his power to help the hurting, heal the sick, and destroy the devil. We pray that this Epiphany journey with Jesus in his glory will prepare you for joining him in the darkness of his suffering during Lent.

January 14: Joining Jesus Through Baptism

January 21: Joining Jesus Despite Skepticism

January 28: Joining Jesus as His Messengers

February 4: Joining Jesus in Service to Others

February 11: Joining Jesus on the Mountain of Glory