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Course Offerings for Spring 2024

New Testament Greek (Level 1): Mondays from 4-5:30pm. Starts in May.

Begin learning the Greek language by reading, writing, listening, and even talking in Greek. Using all four skills to learn a language is not only a more fun way to learn a language, but it is also more effective. And while reading the New Testament in English is good, reading it in its original Greek is even better!

(Additional levels of New Testament Greek will be available at a later date.)

Past Course Offerings


Apologetics is the art of making a well-reasoned defense of one’s faith. And with all the various arguments that are made against the Christian faith, it is good to study how to respond to such arguments. Learning how to respond to arguments against one’s faith is helpful for your own faith. It also is helpful for being able to share your faith with others.

Would you like to learn how to defend the existence of God? How to answer the “problem of evil”? How to argue for the resurrection and other miracles? How to explain how we can know that the Biblical text we have today is the original text and is reliable? This class will provide training in some of the best and strongest arguments that Christians have devised to defend their faith.

The New Testament World

Jesus and his apostles lived in a world that in many ways is very different than ours. So knowing about the context of the New Testament events and writings can help us to better understand the things that we read about in the New Testament. This class will cover the historical and cultural background to the New Testament to help shed light on the New Testament text.

Would you like to learn more about Pharisees, Sadducees, and the family of King Herod? About the religious attitudes of the pagan people Paul was preaching to? About what a Bethlehem stable, a Galilean fishing boat, and the Jerusalem temple would have looked like? About what life was like at that time for farmers, tax collectors, women, children, and slaves? Learn this and much more as we study the New Testament world.

More Information


St. Peter’s is located at 413 3rd St E. in Monticello, just three blocks east of 25 and one block south of Broadway.


Each course will consist of twelve weekly classes, 90 minutes in length.


Each course will cost $60 per person, or $100 per family (with no limits on family members attending). This fee includes all the materials needed for the class, and is charged primarily to ensure that participating families have “buy-in.” Scholarships are available.


The classes for Spring 2024 will run from mid-February through mid-May. We will try to schedule the classes at times that work for those who are interested.

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