God, our Father, wants a relationship with us!! He has rescued us and sent his Son, Jesus, to come down and rescue us! Through Christ, we have a relationship with our heavenly Father!! — Colossians 1:12-14


Sunday at 9:00 AM

Thanksgiving Day Worship at 9:00 AM


It is in the Word of God that our Lord has promised to come to us! It is the one thing needful as Jesus told Martha.

God’s Word is the tool that works in our hearts to find our nature and temptations and to empower us to live for Him!


We are a gathering of believers in Christ Jesus, gathered around the Word of God. Through Christ we know of eternal life and that we are children of God. We know we are sinners, but humbly cling to his Word and work, accomplished through his life and death on the cross!


We desire to share this love of Christ with all that they too may know of his love and salvation. As our logo states: “Sharing Christ, the Key to Eternal Life!”

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