Oh, Come, Oh, Come!

Waiting can be really frustrating, especially when you don’t know what you’re waiting for to happen. In the days before Christmas we are in a time of waiting, waiting not only to celebrate Christ’s birth but also we find ourselves more aware of the fact that we’re waiting for his return on the last day to make all things right. It’s still frustrating waiting, but we know exactly what we are waiting for, because God has given his people many descriptions of what the Christ would be like, long before he ever came. So for centuries God’s people have cried out for Christ’s coming using those different titles for Christ. Join us for encouragement before Christmas as we study these ancient cries: Oh, Come, Oh, Come!

November 28: O Wisdom. O Lord. O Root of Jesse. O King of David.

No Class on December 5.

December 12: O Morning Star. O King of the Nations. O Emmanuel.