A Holy Week

Holy Week 2022

“Holiday” is simply short for “holy day.” Throughout the course of a year, there are certain days we set apart as special: to commemorate extraordinary events, to celebrate influential individuals. While there are many holy days, there is but one holy week. The final week of Lent marks the most pivotal week in human history. In the four gospels—biographies of Jesus Christ’s thirty-three-year life—this single week consumes nearly a third of the ink. The Holy Spirit considered the events of this week that important.

On a holy day, the relentless march of time slows down. We set aside our usual routines to call attention to whatever or whoever makes that day special. Likewise, believers slow down this entire week to ponder all that Christ did for them, from his humble entrance into Jerusalem… to his sacrificial death on the cross… to the victory of Easter morning.

April 10 (Palm Sunday): His Humility, Our Hope

April 14 (Maundy Thursday): His Food, Our Fill

April 15 (Good Friday): His Punishment, Our Peace