Mission Festival – Rev Nate Seiltz, speaker — Sunday, October 29

  • Worship @ 9:00 AM – Preacher: Nate Seiltz

  • Mission Presentation @ 10:30 to 11:30 am

  • Pork Chop Potluck @ 11:45 am

Rev. Nate Seiltz will share with us work being done to reach out to the world with the gospel through the WELS Multi-language Publications. He is the director and has just returned from a trip to Nepal. He will preach for our Mission Festival Worship on Sunday and give a presentation on work being done around the world during our Bible study time. Come join us to learn more and to see how the Lord is spreading his message around the world. If you are able, bring a dish or two to pass for the pork chop potluck. Or if you are not able to bring something, just come and enjoy the food!! See you there, Sunday at 9:00 AM. 

Here is an article about the work of the MLP (Multi-language Publications)

Imagine if you could speak 47 different languages. Suppose you are able to…

Greet someone in Nuer.
Ask for directions in Burmese.
Order food in Kurdish.
Say a prayer in Urdu.
Read a book in Tagalog.
Explain a concept in Mizo.
Tell an idiom in Russian.

Sound improbable?  Even impossible to speak so many languages?

Rev. Nate Seiltz1 can!

Well, to be more accurate, Multi-Language Publications can.  Rev. Seiltz, former WELS missionary to Dominican Republic and Haiti–and a Spanish speaker himself –is currently the Director of the Multi-Language Publications (MLP).  He travels the world making sure that the Word is getting out and the Word is getting in.

In homes.
In schools.
In congregations.
In hearts.

Try to wrap your head around these numbers: in its 20+ year history, MLP to date has printed over 2.9 million items2 in 47 languages!  I guess the Word has gotten around and is getting around.  But now consider Rev. Seiltz’s vision and MLPs goal:

“To reach 100 million people with the gospel in the next ten years with the additional goal of having at least 2 million people using discipleship training media produced by MLP.”

“это не мелочь”

In Russian, “It’s no small thing!” You might say, “That’s no small potatoes!”

100 million people hearing the gospel never is. Reaching even just one is not insignificant. Heaven rejoices when even one coin is found.3

If you want to meet someone passionate about reaching out to lost souls, sit down with Rev. Seiltz. He realizes the MLP potential and knows that it’s not merely about ordering food or asking for directions in many languages.

He shared this story:

“I met a young Indian man in an airport in India. He was Christian pastor…I asked him if he had any converts from Hinduism and he said ‘yes.’ I asked, ‘What are some good ways to reach them?’” He replied: ‘Really the only thing that works is the gospel.’”

Good answer. No…great answer.

So just think, in that respect, then, it is about food: Jesus, the Bread of Life4 and the Living Water!5  And it is about directions:  the one way to heaven!  Jesus is it!  John emphasizes, “no one comes to the Father except through him.”6

According to the Scriptures, not only is there only one road, it’s also a bit narrow.7

But there’s room for all.

Because of MLP, some people who speak and read Nuer or Burmese or Kurdish or any of the other 44 languages can now discover the amazing, bewilder-ing, perplexing wonders of God in Christ Jesus.

You can continue reading the rest of this article, here.

Or follow this address: https://wels.net/multi-language-publications-reaching-malawi-and-beyond/